Faculty Tutorials

Faculty Tutorials

Creating a Course Template

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a course template for your students to use in your course. Please watch the Creating your ePortfolio tutorial before proceeding to this video; you should already have an Aportfolio created that you would like to designate as a course template.

Watch the video - Creating a Course Template (Classic version ONLY) 

Creating a Template in the NEW Aportfolio Interface (Fall 2017 forward)

Creating an Assignment

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a new assignment which could include creating rubrics and adding standards. It also demonstrates how to add an assignment created in one course into another course or section.

Watch the video - Creating an Assignment

Submitting Assignments 

This tutorial demonstrates two ways to submit your Aportfolio to an assignment in the Classic version ONLY . 

Watch the video - Submitting Assignments (Classic Version Only)

Note: To "Submit" in the NEW version students will click on the Options drop down menu to Submit


Clearing Student Submissions

In this tutorial, you will learn to clear assignment submissions in case a student accidentally submits their eportfolio.

Watch the video - Clearing Student Submissions

Grading Assignments

In this tutorial, you will learn to grade assignments.

Watch the video - Grading Assignments