Creating a Course Template

Aportfolio Templates

Aportfolio Templates are customized ePortfolio that are specific to the content your students will be developing in your class. Templates provide a consistant navigation menu which assist teachers in grading. Templates also help students focus their time on adding their content and providing the ePortfolio with a personalized design without needing to start their ePortfolio from scratch. 

Note: If you would prefer, the Aportfolio team can assist you and create the course template for you! If you would like to proceed with creating your own course template here are the step by step instructions.


Templates are extremely useful for getting students jump started on creating their ePortfolios.  Templates also provide consistent naming conventions that saves you time when reviewing or grading their ePortfolios. Students can still customize and change the look and feel of their ePortfolios to personalize them.  We have found that using a course specific Aportfolio template assures less frustration with the design process as well. 

The following tutorial demonstrates how to designate an Aportfolio you have already created as a course template. If you need assistance in initiating an Aportfolio that you would like to use as a course template, view this tutorial first!

Before creating an Aportfolio template for your class consider these structural questions:

What would you like the main navigation headings to be called?  These are the titles in the navigation bar and typically they correspond to the title of an assignment or activities in the course. Navigation titles can also have subheadings that appear as drop-down menus and reside under the main titles.

What content do you expect your students to add to their Aportfolio? As you set up the pages in the Aportfolio it will be helpful to consider adding page formatting or headings within the page that accommodate the type of materials they will add

Do you want to include prompts within the pages to guide your students on what to add or write? If so, make sure to include the prompts before saving it as a template.


 Step 1

Once you have created and finalized the Aportfolio that you wish to set up as a course template, select the hamburger icon in the top right corner within the Aportfolio you have created.

Step 1

Step 2



Select Add as Template, from the drop-down menu options.





On this page, you can edit the name of your course template. It is suggested you include the name of the course name in the template title so it is clear to students that the template is for your class.

 Step 3

 Step 4



Next, click the blue Continue in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

 Step 4

 Step 5



Click Edit next to "Also Share With Specific People, Groups, or Courses".


In the search box type the course that will have access to the template. (example: UCO 1200 102 or R C 1000 130)  Begin typing in the course name and number, once it shows up, select it.

Be sure to leave the private to me setting at the top.


Step 5 

 Step 6



Once you have selected the course(s) you want to share the template with, they will appear under the search bar, as so.

 Step 6

 Step 7


Click on the blue Continue button in the bottom right-hand corner once you have shared the template with the correct courses.


 Step 7

 Step 8



Do not change the settings on this page. Continue by clicking the blue Save Settings button in the bottom right-hand corner.

 Step 8

 Step 9



Once your template has been saved, you will be able to see it in your Aportfolio Library. When students go to create a new portfolio, the template created for the course will appear with all of the templates. Be sure your students know to select the template that was specifically created for your course.

Only the students in your course will be able to see this template

 Step 9

If you have additional questions, please email