About Aportfolio

Aportfolio is Appalachian State University’s ePortfolio platform. Our Aportfolio initiative began in 2014. You can review a gallery of our outstanding Aportfolio scholars at: https://aportfolio.appstate.edu/scholars

In the simplest of terms an ePortfolio is an academic website where students collect & curate evidence of their learning for a professional audience, course, or program. The process of designing and creating an ePortfolio assists students in articulating transferable skills, knowledge, and co-curricular learning.  Aportfolios provide a place where students organize, represent, and contextualize their academic growth and the intersections with their professional aspirations.

Aportfolios are private within the context of our campus, however, as the student develops a comprehensive professional ePortfolio they can request that their ePortfolio be made public, and password protected for secure and accessible sharing with audiences outside of Appalachian State. The Aportfolio also moves on with the student after graduation.

Making Learning Transparent

Pedagogical purposes of student ePortfolios include reflecting and articulating their learning, designing and narrating a positive digital presence, demonstrating digital literacy, and personalizing their website with sound aesthetic choices. Professional audiences for ePortfolios include potential employers, graduate schools, scholarship sponsors, or internships. Aportfolios can be used as a method of integration and meaning-making as students document and reflect on their experiences and process as a learner over time and across multiple courses.  At Appalachian State University our faculty use Aportfolios for multiple purposes including course work, group projects, program assessment, research projects, international and co-curricular experiences. 


Student ePortfolios provide an outstanding, holistic method of assessment that can capture multiple artifacts and samples of student learning and competencies.  The ePortfolio Director is available to consult with faculty and program directors on leveraging ePortfolios for program assessment and setting up ePortfolio assessment review samples. Faculty can learn more about how our current programs are using Aportfolio in their classrooms and for assessment at: https://aportfolio.appstate.edu/faculty-support/pedagogy

Tech Support and Consultations

Aportfolio offers ongoing technical support for faculty and students on our campus. We respond seven days a week to support tickets. The Aportfolio team is available for classroom demonstrations, Zoom consultations, and customized faculty training.  Our website has easy-to-follow  tutorials on all aspects of creating, designing, and teaching with ePortfolios. Students can learn more about how to set up their Aportfolios at: https://aportfolio.appstate.edu/tutorials

Contact us at aportfolio@appstate.edu

Aportfolio Scholars 2021

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Aportfolio Scholars Award: Devin Mullins & Stori Stefanac. Honorable mentions Kinsey Milsap & Alisa Duong. These students created exemplary Aportfolios and will be honored at the (virtual) Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors. We would like to congratulate them for creating  Aportfolios that exemplify the best of integrative ePortfolios at Appalachian State University.


View the Aportfolio Scholar Gallery