About Digication

Digication is Appalachian State University’s ePortfolio platform. Our ePortfolio initiative began in 2014. You can review a gallery of our outstanding ePortfolio scholars at: https://aportfolio.appstate.edu/scholars

In the simplest of terms, an ePortfolio is an academic website where students collect and curate evidence of their learning for a professional audience, course, or program. The process of designing and creating an ePortfolio assists students in articulating transferable skills, knowledge, and co-curricular learning.  ePortfolios provide a place where students organize, represent, and contextualize their academic growth and the intersections with their professional aspirations.

ePortfolios are private within the context of our campus, however, as the student develops a comprehensive professional ePortfolio they can request that their ePortfolio be made public, and password protected for secure and accessible sharing with audiences outside of Appalachian State. The ePortfolio also moves on with the student after graduation if they choose to take it with them.

Contact us at aportfolio@appstate.edu