Making your Aportfolio Public

You may want to make your eportfolio public to share with potential employers, graduate school applications, or internship directors. To make your eportfolio public, follow these steps.

You must first formally request public permissions for your Aportfolio at

Step 1


Once you have complete the online request for public permissions and received a reply from the Aportfolio office then  click on the Settings menu in the top right corner of your Aportfolio


Step 2

Select “Settings”


Step 3

Next to Public, click on “Edit”


Step 4

Select “Public”


Step 5

To share your eportfolio, highlight the URL at the top of your setting page and paste it into an email.

Note: Some graduate school applications have an optional space to paste your eportfolio URL.


Step 6

RECOMMENDED: Add a password here.

Share the URL and Password for your Aportfolio with your viewers.

This added security step protects your identity and your intellectual property.


Step 7

Click on “Save Settings”


 If you have additional questions, email us at