Faculty Support

Aportfolio Faculty Support

Our Aportfolio faculty consultations are now available via Zoom. We are happy to schedule individual or group consultations for faculty and programs on the days and times that work best for you! Contact us at Aportfolio@appstate.edu

Our consultations cover the technical and pedagogical essentials for using Aporfolios for assessment and creating a successful learning experience for your students with Aportfolio.

We also provide technical support for students and customized Zoom demonstrations for classes using Aportfolio.

Contact us to learn more about:

  • Creating your own professional ePortfolio
  • Program assessment strategies for student Aportfolios
  • Creating an Aportfolio template for your courses
  • Creating Aportfolio assignments
  • Working with our team to create a customized quickstart video for students
  • Unsubmitting and clearing student Aportfolio assignments

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Request Aportfolio Access for your Students (Form)

Request an Aportfolio Class Demonstration (Form)

Faculty Tutorials

Getting Started

This tutorial covers the basics of setting up your Aportfolio course site and adding assignments. Watch the video

Creating a Course Template 

This tutorial shows you how to make the settings for a course-level Aportfolio template. There are multiple advantages of an Aportfolio course template. First, it creates a  consistent navigation menu for each students' Aportfolio that will assist in grading and locating student content. Secondly, students can still customize the look and feel of their Aportfolio. The template can also contain placeholders with instructions to help your students correctly add content. You can create your own Aportfolio and make it a template or contact the Aportfolio team and will make the template for you! NOTE: Before you make a course template you will need to create an Aportfolio that will become a template. Learn how to create an Aportfolio HERE

Watch the Creating a Course Template Video

View the Creating Course Template Step-by-Step

Adding, Viewing, and Grading Aportfolio Assignments

Creating assignments in Aportfolio allows students to submit a time and date stamped copy of their Aportfolio for grading. This ensures grading integrity and also allows their Aportfolio to become an artifact for future assessment. 

Video for Creating Assignments

Step by Step - Creating Assignments

Viewing Assignments 

Unsubmitting Aportfolio Assignments

Occasionally students submit an Aportfolio before they publish all pages. This tutorial shows you how to clear an Aportfolio submission so a student can re-submit.

Video- Clearing and unsubmitting a student Aportfolio submission

Clearing Aportfolio Submissions - Step-by-Step

Program Assessment 

Leveraging Aportfolio Assignments as artifacts for assessment. (coming soon)

Student Tutorials 

Link the Aportfolio Tutorials page in your syllabus and/or Asulearn site

The Aportfolio Lab is a self-paced Asulearn course site that includes concise instructions, video/pdf tutorials, and guidance to introduce the process of creating an Aportfolio to your students.  The lab is intended to supplement classroom presentations (Zoom) that introduce the basic functionality of Aportfolio to your students. If you have an Aportfolio course site the Aportfolio Lab will automatically appear on your student's Asulearn dashboard.  For more information about how to access  or check grades in the Aportfolio Asulearn Lab contact  us at aportfolio@appstate.edu