Course Tutorials

Creating ePortfolios from Course Templates

In this tutorial, you will learn how to access the Aportfolio Digication site, and how to create an Aportfolio for a course using the course template. You will learn how to find your course, create an Aportfolio from a course template, and how to manage your settings. This tutorial does NOT include how to create an Aportfolio for personal and professional use; that is addressed in Creating Your ePortfolio.

Includes Creating a Portfolio from a TemplateAportfolio Settings PagePrivacy SettingsCustom PermissionsTagging, & Changing Settings 

Submitting Assignments

This tutorial demonstrates how to submit your Aportfolio to an assignment.

Note: You will also need to know some basics of how the Aportfolio works. Please refer to steps 2 - 3 of the Initiating Your Aportfolio page to learn the rest of Aportfolio Basics.