Initiating Your Aportfolio: 3 Essential Steps

Here you will find the essential tutorials needed to complete the basic framework for your Aportfolio. There are additional tutorials for modules, design elements, and course specific information on the tutorial page

Step 1: Initiating Your ePortfolio

In this tutorial, you will learn how to access the Aportfolio Digication site, and how to create an Aportfolio for professional or personal use. You will learn how to create a new Aportfolio, choose a template, and how to manage your settings. This tutorial does NOT include how to create an Aportfolio for a course using a course template; that is addressed in Creating ePortfolios from Course Templates.

Step 2: Sections and Pages

This tutorial gives an introduction to the structure of the Aportfolio: the sections and pages.

Step 3: Modules

Modules are used to add content to your Aportfolio. Choose the modules based on the type of media you are adding to your Aportfolio:

Privacy Settings

Protecting your privacy is important and this tutorial will demonstrate all of the privacy options you have available.