Classic Version Tutorials

Initiating Your Aportfolio (Classic Version Only)

Initiating your Aportfolio includes 3 steps. You will find tutorials on initiating your Aportfolio, the organizational structure of sections and pages, and the basic modules you will use. We also include a privacy settings tutorial detailing how to change your privacy settings.

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Design and Organize Tutorials (Classic Version Only)

This group of tutorials demonstrates how to personalize and organize your portfolio. It includes information about color palettes, how to create a header image and background image, adding a directory icon, and how to use tables to customize, create columns, and visual appeal.

How do I make/change my Header?

It is best to make your own header, rather than just uploading a picture. Making a header is simple. You can watch our tutorial here which uses Canva. We also have a screen shot tutorial which uses Pixlr. Once you have made your header, it's time to upload it! You can upload it under Portfolio tools> Settings> Customize> Upload header image or you can watch our tutorial. 

How do I change my background?

You can change your background under  portfolio tools> settings> customize. You can add a color to your background or you can upload an image. If you are designing your own background, it may be helpful to watch this tutorial

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Social and Equation Modules (Classic Version Only)

You can add modules that work with social media sites to your Aportfolio. This section of tutorials includes adding the Twitter module, social media bookmarks, adding Credly badges to your Aportfolio, and adding a Creative Commons License to your creative works.

Also included in this set of tutorials is the equation module which is useful for displaying mathematical equations.

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Screen Shot Tutorials (Classic Version Only)

Prefer screen shot tutorials? All of these tutorials are listed in alphabetical order.

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