Student Aportfolio Request Form

  • The Aportfolio Request Form is for currently enrolled Appalachian State University students.
  • Please note: If you have previously utilized Aportfolio in an ASU course you already have access! To confirm your access simply login at
  • Once you have access you can develop multiple Aportfolios. You can continue to develop and access your Aportfolio even after you graduate!
  • See our Tutorials for creating and customizing your Aportfolio
  • If do not have access we can set you up with at an Aportfolio site. Aportfolios are for academic and professional use. Undergraduates will need an ASU faculty or staff member's name and email to verify your professional or academic use of Aportfolio. Before you complete this form, please consult with a ASU faculty/staff member and make sure they agree to assist you with feedback or guidance on developing your Aportfolio for professional audiences. You should also carefully review our privacy guidelines (PDF, 58 KB).
  • Our Aportfolio team is also available to assist with technical questions on developing your Aportfolio. You can email us at to request an appointment.