What is an Aportfolio?

An Aportfolio is a place where you can develop a positive scholarly web-presence. Your Aportfolio represents you as a student, an employee, a community member, and an individual. Aportfolios are highly individualized and should epitomize your best work and highest achievements. As evidence of your core competencies, life experience, and transferable skills evolve, so will your Aportfolio. It is an ongoing representation of your accomplishments. It is also an alternative tool for assessment; your professors and advisors can observe your academic growth and can evaluate your evidence of learning holistically.


Begin by viewing our extensive video tutorials on how to use Aportfolio. Check out our Tutorials section.

Request An Aportfolio Site

Current ASU students: If you have previously utilized Aportfolio in an ASU course you already have access! To confirm your access simply login at Once you have access you can develop multiple Aportfolios. You can continue to develop and access your Aportfolio even after you graduate!

If you do not have access to Aportfolio and would like to create one for academic or professional use complete this form.

Aportfolio Scholars Award

Students are invited to participate in the Aportfolio Scholar Award. This award is designed to support Appalachian State University students in the creation of an exemplary & professional Aportfolio. For more information about the award and how to apply, visit the Student Aportfolio Awards page.


Check out our workshop opportunities. Workshops will assist you in creating your Aportfolio as well as provide tips and feedback. For specific dates and more information, visit the Student Aportfolio Workshops page.

Student Perspectives

View our students' exemplary Aportfolio work: