Aportfolio Scholars - Judging Criteria



Needs Work





Creates an intentional visual design with thematic, invitational & intuitive navigational structure





Shows awareness of professional audience and/or disciplinary audiences






Shows integrity and awareness of privacy in the representation of intellectual property for self and others (Citations)





Provides an authentic, concise and descriptive personal narrative highlighting self-awareness, relevant experiences and aspirations.






Integration of high quality visual and/or multimedia components and themes that demonstrate skills, experience or competencies





Provides clarity of purpose and connections to learning with summaries, contextualization, evidence of learning and reflective narratives





Creates clear connections and relationships to learning and life experiences






Demonstrates evidence of learning and/or self in action in professional or scholarly settings





Chooses and highlights samples from a variety of best work and /or appropriate examples of learning, life experiences and skills.





Summarizes the impact, insights and integration of college learning and experiences





Documents, cites and reflects on skill sets and knowledge relevant to the major, audience, or profession