New Dashboard Tutorial

The Aportfolio dashboard has recieved a new look. This tutorial will cover each component.

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To access your aportfolio dashboard, go to and click  “Login to Aportfolio”.

You will then be brought to your dashboard.


The My Eportfolios Sections is where you will find all portfolios you have created and all portfolios that have been shared with you.


Clicking the blue plus sign will enable you to create a new eporfolio


The new dashboard has filter capabilities. To open the filters click the three slider icon beside the blue plus sign.


You can filter your portfolio by types and permissions.

A blue check sign signifies that is what you wish to filter by. Clicking on a blue check mark will turn that filter off.


In this example, “Created by me” was turned off and so no portfolios appear in the 

My Eportfolios section.


Consequently, clicking the grey box beside turns a filter on.

Checking “Shared with me” allows you to see portfolios that were shared with you. This is useful if you want to see your classmates portfolio.


You can also see which courses, groups, or communities you are in that require and Aportfolio.


You can click on the buttons beside Course Assessment Group, and Community to filter by those categories.


Clicking on the red D in the upper right hand corner opens the following panel


Click My Account


This shows your current account settings.

If you wish to update your account information, click on Manage Account. 

Please note that several settings can only be changed by our aportfolio admins. If you wish to change those settings email


 Clicking “Home” brings you to the default landing page


 Click on People


This brings up a directory of all people currently registered in the aportfolio system.

You can search for a person by clicking beside the magnifying glass under any column and typing what we wish to search on. 

In this example, we searched for our Aportfolio Director, Elaine Gray, by first and last name.



Click on Courses


This is where you will see all courses you are in that are using Aportfolio. This screen is exactly the same as what you will see on the home page.


Click on Eportfolios


Here you will find our featured portfolios. These portfolios were finalists in our Aportfolio Scholars award. If you are creating a portfolio for professional use or need guidance about what a great portfolio looks like, these portfolios are a great place to start. To learn more about the Aportfolio Scholars, click here.


Subscriptions are for those Aportfolio Courseds that utilize Forums. 

Students can get notified of any interaction to their forum posts.

Faculty can get notifications when an assignment is submitted if they choose to subscribe.


Clicking help redirects you to the digication helpdesk website. 

Before interacting with this cite, email your question or concern to The Aportfolio Staff typically responds within two waking hours.

We also have a suite of tutorials on our website that are designed to answer any immediate questions you may have.


Clicking logout will log you out.


 If you have additional questions, email us at