Editing the Navigation Menu

To change the navigation menu in your Aportfolio, follow the directions below.

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Step 1

If you need to edit your navigation menu, click on the white space in the menu.

*This will bring up a notice that your are interacting with the header slide.


Step 2

Next you will need to unlock the header by clicking on the lock icon.


Step 3

*You will see a notice saying all changes made to the slide will be visible on all pages.


Step 4

To edit navigation, hover over the menu and click the edit button.


Step 5 

Here you will find all of the pages and subpages you have created.

To add a new page, click add a new page and give it a title.


Step 6

If you need to move a page, click on the icon to the left of the page, drag, and drop.


Step 7

If you would like to designate a page as a subpage, click on the icon and drag the page to the right.


Step 8

To edit the title of a page, click on the title.

After you’re done there is no need to hit enter unless you need to create another new page.


Step 9

If you need to delete pages, click the trash icon.


Step 10

Once you are done, click save. editnav10.png

Step 11

If you have deleted pages, you will receive a prompt that will require you to type delete.

*You must type “delete” in all lower case. Then click “Yes, delete it.”


Step 12

To edit the design of your navigation menu, hover over the menu and click the design icon.


Step 13

Click paint brush icon.


Step 14

You can choose a font and font size in the section highlighted by the orange box.


Step 15

The links section allows you to change the color of the menu link and the color the link changes to when hovered over. You can also choose to underline the links.


Step 16

The padding adjusts the space around your navigation menu.


Step 17

The background color section here is the closest color around your nav menu. Currently, you cannot change the color of the navigation menu itself. It will remain white. Once you choose a color for the background, you can also adjust the opacity as well.


Step 18

You can add an image to that section here.


Step 19

If you want to edit the background of the navigation menu, hover over the menu and click the far right design icon.


Step 20

The section should look very familiar. Click the slide content to change the area around your content. You can change the color, image, or opacity.


Step 21

You can change the background in the slide background area. Again, you can change the color or add an image.


If you have additional questions, email us at aportfolio@appstate.edu