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digication eportfolio solutions for teachers and students at all levelsIn 2012 the University Academic Assessment Council convened a committee to research ePortfolios as a potential assessment tool. Faculty and staff on the committee gathered extensive research on ePortfolio pedagogy, vendors and assessment usage. The committee met for over a year and concluded with a recommendation that the University move forward with an ePortfolio system which could be both student centered and capable of serving our University assessment needs. In 2013 a contingency of faculty and staff attended the AAEEBL conference in Boston and concluded that Digication would be utilized for an ePortfolio pilot in fall 2014.

In January 2014 the Aportfolio Advisory Committee was convened by Cathy Bates (CIO) and Mike Mayfield (VP Undergraduate Education). The Aportfolio Advisory Committee formed a working committee that coordinates campus-wide implementation of ePortfolios. Sub-committees include Academic Programs, Student Development, IT Implementation, Scholarship and Research, and Assessment.

Aportfolio Pilot participants: In Fall 2015 over 100 classes and 2000+ students are participating in the Aportfolio Pilot Departments and programs include: Chemistry, Geography and Planning, First and Second Year Writing, First Year Seminar, Communications, Honors College, Global learning (GLO/QEP) Watuaga Residential College, Communication, Apparel Design courses. There are over 4800+ users in the system.

Aportfolio: Collect Reflect Connect

Goals of the Fall 2015 Pilot

  • Develop a campuswide communication plan
  • Prepare to launch Digication ePortfolios as a Google for all students in fall 2016
  • Develop a model for academic intergration
  • Continue the evaluation of Digication assessment tools and reports
  • Develop faculty workshops and resources
  • Improve and add to student support resources
  • Review the Terms of Service and customize the ASU TOS
  • Coordinate with Enrollment management and student orientation
  • Refine Aportfolio templates
  • Develop a plan for student mentors and lab space
  • Coordinate and communicate with stakeholders and faculty across campus
  • Encourage participation in the 2015-2016 pilot and provide support to particiapting programs & faculty

Why Aportfolio?

Samples of Student Aportfolios

Aportfolio is an academic website intentionally designed to provide students with a place to Collect, Reflect and Connect their learning for professional or academic audiences.

To see how our students are using Aportfolio -- Student Perspectives Video.

For more information about the Aportfolio Pilot contact Elaine Gray (grayje@appstate.edu).