Social and Equation Modules

Social Modules

This tutorial explains the differences between the social modules available to your Aportfolio. These modules may be particularly useful if you would like to use your Aportfolio as a blog. The modules include Twitter, Bookmarks, and Credly.

Includes Twitter ModuleBookmarks Module, & Credly Badges 

Creative Commons Module

This tutorial will demonstrate adding the creative commons module. This module allows you to add one of the many creative commons licenses to your Aportfolio. If you feel comfortable sharing your creative works such as songs you wrote, photographs you have taken, or videos you have created, consider adding this module

Includes License Features & Attributions Details

Equation Module

This tutorial will show you hot to use the equations module. This module allows you to add content in the form of LaTeX, MathML, and AsciiMath notations, which will be displayed as equations on a published ePortfolio.