Alumni Login

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click "Login as alumni/guest" link

Screenshot: Click “Login as alumni/guest” link

Step 3: Enter your full App State email as username (

Step 4: Enter your App State password

Screenshot: Enter your App State password

Step 5: Go to "Welcome, ________" in top right corner and click your bolded name

Screenshot showing where name appears in top-right corner

Step 6: Under "My account" fill in "Notification Email:" and "Digication Support Email:" box with your personal email

Screenshot showing Notification Email field

Step 7: Hit "Save" at the bottom of the page

Step 8: Click "Logout" in top right corner of page

Step 9: Return to

Step 10: Click "Reset your password" and type in your full App State email in the username section*

Screenshot showing Reset your password link

*This will continue to be your username even AFTER you change your notification email to your personal one

  • The directions to reset your password will be sent to the personal email you put in the notification email section
  • Your Aportfolio will now be accessible even after you lose access to your AppState email account one year from your graduation date