Adding Captions to Images

This tutorial will show you how to add captions to images within your Aportfolio.

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Step 1

To add a caption to your image, double click on the word Caption in the bottom left-hand corner of your image. From there, a bar of editing options will appear at the top of the image.


Step 2

For additional caption editing tools, click on the Settings gear.


Step 3

On the left of your screen, the image and caption editing panel will appear. You may have to scroll down to see Caption Styles. Here in Caption Styles, you can edit the position of your caption on your image.


Step 4

In this section of the Caption Styles, you have your Font options. You can change the font of your caption by selecting a font from the drop-down menu. You can change your font size by dragging the white dot along the line. You can also change the color of your caption text by clicking on the box underneath color and selecting from the choices.


Step 5

Here, you can choose the alignment of the text in your caption.


Step 6

The padding tool allows you to change the amount of space around the text of the caption.


Step 7

The background color and background opacity tools allow you to change the background color of your caption. It is a similar feature to the background of a slide.


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