Deleting and Copying Aportfolios

Sometimes you may want to try something such as a new design in your Aportfolio. Or you may want to make a similar Aportfolio with a few differences to send to a particular audience. In these situations, making a copy of your Aportfolio is helpful. You should start in the Aportfolio you would like to copy.

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Step 1

To make a copy, click on the settings menu.


Step 2

Select make a copy.


Step 3

Next, give this new Aportfolio a unique name.


Step 4

Click the copy button.


Step 5 

Once your Aportfolio has successfully copied, you will see this screen. If you would like to start working in your new Aportfolio, click “visit copied Aportfolio.”


Step 6

If you would like to delete an Aportfolio, click the settings menu.


Step 7

Next click delete.


Step 8

You must type the word delete in all lowercase to confirm.


Step 9

Once you have typed, delete, select the “Yes, delete it.” button as the final step to delete a portfolio.


Step 10

You can then return to your dashboard.


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