Publishing Pages

Once you have made all changes to your page, you will need to publish the page. If you do not publish the page, no one will see changes you have made as they are saved as a draft automatically.

There are numerous ways to publish your page. 

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Step 1

To publish your page, click the settings menu, in the upper right hand corner. 


Step 2

If this is your first time publishing, you will see a popup of your Aportfolio settings. This is a good time to double check that all of your settings are correct.

Once you have looked over them, select Save Settings. 


Step 3

Select publish this page. 


Step 4

Alternatively, you can click publish changes in the yellow bar at the top of your page. 


Step 5 

If you would like to publish numerous pages at the same time, click on the settings menu. 


Step 6

Select publish pages. 


Step 7

Pages that have a red draft bar next to them have not been published.

*Unpublished pages are automatically selected to be published. You can choose not to publish a page by clicking on the green check. Only pages with a green check next to them will be published. 


Step 8

Once you have selected all the pages you wish to publish, click publish. 


Step 9

Your page is now published. If you would like to preview your page, click on the publish view. 


Step 10

When you are ready to begin editing again, click the edit button here. 


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