Request Link to Asulearn Aportfolio Lab

Aportfolio Lab - AsuLearn Course

The Aportfolio Lab is an Asulearn course site that can be linked to your Asulearn courses. The Aportfolio lab includes concise instructions, video tutorials, and guidance to introduce the following components of Aportfolio to your students:

  • The technical aspects of initiating, creating, and correctly setting permissions for Aportfolios.
  • The aesthetic aspects of situating a website (color palettes, consistency, simplicity)
  • Resources for technical support and feedback 

Students who successfully complete the Aportfolio Lab will earn the "Aportfolio Ready!" Digital Badge, which will be displayed on their AsuLearn profile. 

IMPORTANT: Beginning in Spring 2018 all Aportfolio courses are now linked with the Aportfolio Lab in Asulearn.

If you are unable to see the Aportfolio Lab in your AsuLearn Dashboard  you may use this form to request access. Before completing this form you must assign Elaine Gray in a TEACHER role in your Asulearn course so the link to Aportfolio Lab can be made. Please follow these instructions to add Elaine Gray in the TEACHER ROLE to each of your Asulearn courses  PRIOR to completing this form. 

You are also encouraged to assign a grade or extra credit to students who successfully complete the Aportfolio Lab.