Using an ePortfolio to Assess the Outcomes of a First-Year Seminar: Student Narrative and Authentic Assessment (PDF)

PDF link to research article in regards to learning outcomes for ePortfolios and First-Year Seminar. The research project sought to use ePortfolios as evidence of student learning and evaluated student success in achieving stated objectives. Student objectives were based on self-awareness and assessment, exploration, planning, goal setting, and evaluation. In this study, rubrics were developed and had a range of 0 (no evidence) to 4. Mean scores for first-year seminar writers were 1.16 to 1.68. The study notes that while first year rubric scores are relatively low, they can be expected to rise as evidence of learning key objectives increases.

A Framework for General Education Assessment: Assessing Information Literacy and Quantitative Literacy with ePortfolios (PDF)

Appendix has suggestion for possible assessment rubrics. Rubrics were developed from the AAC&U Value Rubrics for QL and IL. This study acknowledges that ePortfolios will need several years of work, administrative supports, and elements of design such as:

A likable and easy to use ePortfolio platform
Assignments that assess multiple key learning outcomes
Requirement of student reflection
Rubrics or other ways to assess ePortfolios
A way to communicate these assessments to faculty and administrators
A culture within the institution that fosters action regarding assessment results.

Outcomes Assessment and Institutional Learning (PDF)

PDF to an essay from Catalyst for Learning. Stresses three factors in assessing student learning: Inquiry, reflection, and integration. It proposes using ePortfolios as assessmentfor student learning rather than of student learning. This essay examines three types of campuses: Transforming campuses (having an established ePortfolio outcomes and assessments), Developing campuses (having established pilots and moderate use of ePortfolio outcomes and assessment), and Emerging campuses (exploring use of ePortfolios for outcomes and assessment).

More on Assessment

Additional resources on assessment through the Catalyst for Learning site: