Where should I use color in my Aportfolio?

Color is great for headings, subheadings, text, or backgrounds in your Aportfolio. 

How can I decide what colors to include in my Aportfolio?

Color is one of the first things people notice in your Aportfolio. It can be helpful to choose a color palette before you begin creating your Aportfolio. Many sites have color palettes that are already generated for you. Design Seeds,  Pinterest, Colour Lovers, and Color Hunt are great places to find color palettes. You can also create you own color palette using Adobe Kuler.

If you have a photo that you would like to be the main image for your Aportfolio, you can upload it to Pictaculous  or Color Palette FX and they will generate a color palette based on your photo. 

We have a video tutorial all about color palettes. We can help you figure out hex codes and how to get your Aportfolio looking colorful and professional. Contact us at for an appointment.