Your Aportfolio should have a sleek look. This helps viewers focus on important information. Busy web pages can be distracting and overwhelming. 

Some tips for keeping your Aportfolio simple and clean:

  • Use white space. If you have a lot of information, you can always add another page or section. White space (which just means space without words, pictures, videos, etc.) guides the viewer's eye to information you want them to know. You can learn more about white space here.  Creative Bloq has put together a great collection of websites that use white space. 
  • Break your paragraphs up. Use a bit of white space in between your paragraphs. It makes it much easier for viewers to read. 
  • Don't write too much, or too little. Give context to your documents and pictures. Explain what you learned or what you found challenging. On the other hand, don't rewrite your paper or provide so much detail that the reader feels bogged down. One or two paragraphs should be enough to get your point across. If people are interested, they can read your paper/document. 
  • Don't overwhelm viewers with too much color on one page. Use your color palette wisely. Colors in the background can help give your Aportfolio a more asthetically pleasing look. Colors within paragraphs should be used to draw the reader's attention to important information.