New Version Tutorials

New Video Tutorials

These short video tutorials will help you get started with the new version of Aportfolio. They demonstrate how to add content, change your settings, submit, and edit the design of your pages.

You are encouraged to watch ALL the tutorials which should take no more than 30 minutes.

Screenshot Tutorials

Basic Tutorials

Initiating Your Aportfolio: This tutorial will guide you through the steps of how to create your Aportfolio.

Editing the Navigation Menu: This tutorial shows you how to edit the navigation menu in your Aportfolio

Adding Content: In this tutorial, you will be shown how to add different types of content to your Aportfolio.

Editing Content: Here you will learn how to edit the content within your Aportfolio.  

Moving Content: View this tutorial to see how to move content within your Aportfolio.

Content Design: This tutorial explains the concepts and how-to's of content design in your Aportfolio.

Editing Slide Design: Here you will be shown how to edit the design of the slides within your Aportfolio.

Course Tutorials 

Adding Course Permissions: View this tutorial to link your Aportfolio to a course. You must add your course for your professor to view your Aportfolio.

Publishing Pages: Here you will be guided through the steps of publishing, which is required for your professor to be able to view your Aportfolio.

Submitting Your Aportfolio: Your professor may require you to submit your Aportfolio. This tutorial explains how to submit your Aportfolio to a course.

Additional Tutorials

Organize: This tutorial shows you how to utilize the Organize feature within Aportfolio.

Deleting and Copying Aportfolios: Here you will be shown how to delete and make copies of your Aportfolio.

Editing the Directory Icon: The directory icon is the small picture to the left of your Aportfolio link. If left unchanged, it looks like small green gears. This tutorial demonstrates how to add your personal picture to the directory icon. 

Returning to Homepage: In this tutorial, you will be shown how to return to your homepage from within your Aportfolio.

Editing Image Orientation for Aportfolio: This tutorial shows you how to change the orientation of an image so it will display correctly within your Aportfolio. This is useful when uploading images taken from cell phones, as sometimes there is an issue with correcting the orientation.