New Version Tutorials

New Video Tutorials

These short video tutorials will help you get started with the new version of Aportfolio. They demonstrate how to add content, change your settings, submit, and edit the design of your pages.

You are encouraged to watch ALL the tutorials which should take no more than 30 minutes.

Screenshot Tutorials

Submitting Your Aportfolio: Your professor may require you to submit your Aportfolio. This tutorial demonsrates how to submit in the new version. 

Editing Your Navigation Menu: Here you will learn how to add, edit, organize, and delete the pages of your Aportfolio.

Publishing your Pages: The new version automatically saves changes your make. This tutorial illustrates how to publish your pages. Your professor or audience will not see your content if it is unpublished.  

Changing Privacy Settings: This tutorial shows you how to change your privacy settings. This is particularly important for students in a course that uses Aportfolios; you must add your course for your professor to view your Aportfolio.

Changing Your Directory Icon: The directory icon is the small picture to the left of your Aportfolio link. If left unchanged, it looks like small green gears. This tutorial demonstrates how to add your personal picture to the directory icon.