Content Design

If you would like to edit the look of your text or the look of your photos, follow the directions below.

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Step 1

If you would like to edit the look of your content, hover over the content and select the design icon.


Step 2

Next click on the paint brush icon.


Step 3

For text, you can see you have numerous design options. You can choose a font and adjust font size.


Step 4

You can also choose a color for your fonts.

*We recommend following our Aportfolio design guides regarding color palettes when you choose font colors.


Step 5 

Alignment options are pictured here.

You have control over the look of your links as well.


Step 6

Background refers to the background of your content area ONLY.

Padding refers to the space surrounding your text.


Step 7

You can change the background of your text using the color box pictured here.

*This only affects the background of this text area.


Step 8

You can adjust the opacity of the background color as well.


Step 9

If you would rather use a picture as a background for your text, you can do so here.

It may help to play with the fixed and repeat buttons until you have the look you like.


Step 10

If you want to edit the look of your photos, click on the design icon and paint brush. contdesign10.png

Step 11

Select full image which shows the whole photo within a defined space, or best fit which automatically adjusts your image depending on the size of the space it is in.


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